So we have been going out for dinner to about every place on our little hill in El Tarter, comprised of La Placeta and Sola del Tarter. And it turns out there is a fierce competition between two hospitality groups for the eating and dining scene of this little ski resort in Grandvalira, Andorra.

El Tarter started out as an alternative hub to Soldeu with just some hotels and apartments initially. But over the last few years the area has become very popular, with bars and restaurants popping up as a result. There is a great variety on offer ranging from a quick bite to proper culinary delight. 

So which are our favorites? Below is a list of our go to places for dinner in Sant Pere del Tarter.


Our favorite above all is of course Foc I Lloc, a culinary style steakhouse. By the way it literally translates to ‘Fire and Place’, very cute indeed. On their large open grill the Argentinian chef prepares some of the best grilled meat we have ever tasted. Gourmet style in the mountains of Grandvalira. And don’t forget to leave some space for their delicious citrus desert. It is absolutely mindblowing …

The Italian Job

Feeling more like pasta or pizza? The Bishop Brothers (from Focilloc) also bring you Trattoria San Pietro. This Italian eatery is perfect for a delicious and relaxing dinner with the whole family.

Burger Joints

Behold, the Bishop Brothers are not done yet with us. They also have a chain of classic burger joints under the name of Burger Brothers. Up for a juicy hamburger after a day of exercise on your skies or hiking? You won’t fall short in El Tarter …

But the Bishop Brothers do not have our lovely mountain to themselves. Fierce competition is out there going by the name of Dylan …

¨Good Food – Good Mood¨

This is the slogan of Dylan’s Andorra a diner style restaurant and bar, popular with the locals for a good bite or cocktail. The place gets quite busy and at night people congregate even outside for a last drink before hitting the sack. Oh yes, and happy hour is from 17h30 till 18h30.

Fondue is a Must

You ask, and Dylan delivers. In the basement of his flagship place (see Dylan’s above) there is a Fondue restaurant. We have not yet been there yet, but will report back as soon as we have :-).

Need for Noodles

Dylan’s runner up on the hill is Wok & Wok, an asian fast food concept. Enjoy your noodles or any of the other delicious options on the menu.

To make it easy, here is a map with the restaurants we recommend you to try near our chalet.

We are thrilled to see the offer of restaurants in our neighbourhood has really taken off. There are some great restaurants just down the hill from our chalet. And the fit can even walk down there, even though when we go in family we still prefer taking the car and spare the kids a hike back up home in the evening …

The question is, who is next? Who dares to take on the Dylan and the Bishop Brothers is San Pere del Tarter and open the new place to be …

Hope to see you soon at our ski-chalet in El Tarter, Grandvalira!

From Powderland with Love …

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